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Ace International Moving

Ace International Moving was founded in 2000 in Moscow. Up to now we have 18 years of expertize by working on Russian and international markets of moving household goods, apartments and offices. From the very beginning we preserve and maintain high and professional level of our working activity in the area of packing, loading, transportation and delivery of personal effects and offices (furniture, equipment, archive etc) in Moscow, Moscow region, as well as across the whole Russia. The geography of our activity is not limited exclusively to Moscow area. We work everywhere in Russia, from East to West, starting from Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Tomsk up to Astrakhan, Kaliningrad and Sankt-Petersburg etc.

Our company is expert in relocating household goods of entire apartments or houses, as well as small amounts of personal effects/ baggages. We use different modes of transportation (subject to wills and needs of the clients): ground transportation (by truck or by rail way); transportation by air; maritime or river transportation.

Ace International Moving from its first days took a remarkable place among Russian companies, working on the field of moving personal effects and household goods. As a mover we don’t have restrictions of how heavy or volumetric the goods are, and how far from its origin we nave to move them. We can deliver your personal effects practically to any town, located on any continent, even if their weight is rather small (100 kg). All that (what we can do at the moment as a mover) is due to a long and persistent work of our team: packers, drivers, office managers, customs brokers and international agents.

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