Ace Moving offers its customers storage services. Our company warehouse is able to accommodate duly packed household goods for any period of time, on both a short or long-term basis. Your stored items are kept safe and secure in our facility. Our warehouse is served by employees trained to keep your belongings safe, dry and clean.

If freight is not meant to move promptly, the goods may need to be handled into special storage facility in order to await release or further instructions before customs cleared and shipped overseas.

If the goods are scheduled to be stored in a warehouse rather than shipped right out, there can often be extra charges to cover:

  • Handling into storage. The storage time itself beyond the normal free-time allowed
  • Handling out from storage. For most shipments supposed to go out on the next available truck, aircraft or container, this will not be an issue.

If you purchased a new apartment, but it’s not yet ready to accommodate your entire household, we can place all your goods into our storage facility for as long as your apartment refurbishing lasts. After your new flat is ready, we will take care of your personal belongings and will bring them to your door. If required, we will unpack the entire household and assemble all your furniture.


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