Office moving

Office moving


By yourself or should you really consult the experts first?!

– Moving big offices is really a big hustle and not because of the amount of office furniture to be moved.

Office relocation differs from the usual household moving by exquisite preparation steps and working stages needed to be handled by professionals in strict order.

– From start to end of relocation, during office removal there should be always a customer’s representative (usually an office manager) from one side and a moving manager from the other side, both collaborating in the process of the move.

– The client is responsible for organization of the preparation steps like: pre-move discussion and task distribution to the senior managers regarding minor packing of personal items and security permissions for delivery of packing materials and transportation boxes into building premises, security passes for trucks and the «movers» multi-pass for exit and entry.

– The movers are responsible for: dismantling of office furniture, equipment and its total packing, special crating with marking of every box and item in the office. Important is a delicate loading, stuffing, unloading and assembly at the place of delivery.

– Removal of packing material and debris after the move and total cleaning is a standard service for the international moving company specializing in office relocation. Sometimes relocations have a limited time frame. Having these conditions, the moving company must act rather fast in order to start and to complete a removal (transportation of the office goods from one office to another) during a day time, so the night would be the assembly and cleaning and the next day the office has to be functional. Understanding these terms, modern companies combine many corporate services, such as cleaning or assembly of specialized office equipment, server devices and air conditioners as per clients needs.

– Self organized moving, with the help of friends and other employees might seem a bit cheaper and faster way of relocation.
Small offices can be moved fast! – But unprofessional packing, loading, unloading and assembly can bring unwanted results on the last stages of the move.

– Packing material is a special feature: using only the proper materials can keep parts of the furniture safe from scratches or small damages, only specialized boxes of certain size can correspond to the dimensions of a computer, monitors and other office equipment or are suitable for files packing and storage, what makes it convenient and saves time.
Unprofessional packing can take to much time and that might ad up to a dilemma on further stages. Delivery with trucks working behind schedule can come out in one or even a few days delay, and as a result holding back all the office procedures.
Moving just a few working places is a quick relocation, even for an untrained crew of men. But if the office is equipped with build-in «elite» furniture made from rare wood, it would also need special handling.

– Dismantling of furniture and packing cannot be done by amateurs. Involvement of special working hands hired just for dismantling an intricate construction such as a royal cupboard or other office furniture, brings additional time and expenses.

– Our moving company is fully equipped to handle all kinds of furniture, heavy items such as big safes, huge printers, rare furniture that need exceptional packing; it’s able to work in small and confined spaces, small and narrow access ways for removals.

Even if your office is small but the number of working places exceeds 10 persons we do not recommend trying to relocate your office by yourself.

Rely on the professionals!!!

If you need quality packing material, transportation and last, but not least professionalism, here is our company, which is glad to offer you all variety of our moving services not only in Moscow but worldwide as well.


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